Bristol Street Art Tour

I went on a street art walking, talking tour with Bristol Street Art Tours. Seeing in real life amazing grafitti and street art.

We walked around a route in the middle of Bristol. The tour we went on was on Saturday 25th January 2020, 11am - 1pm and the group had 35 people in it, I only knew my mum, dad and puppy dog 'Bumper'.

My mum had questions about the tour to help me prepare for it including bringing my therapy puppy with us. This is what my mum says about the booking team;
"The communication between myself and the organisers has been brilliant! Every question I've asked was answered quickly and Elodie (the contact I had) did everything she could to sort out my queries. Excellent customer service! Thank you"  

So this is my (Oscar's) review of the tour we had.....

What did you see or experience on the tour?
What are was included?

We saw loads of grafitti, big and small!  - some of it was legal and organised and some was illegal which will either be gotten rid of or the artist could be arrested if they are caught. I listened with head phones that we were given and John our tour man told us loads of stuff about the different art and the artists that did them .... John knew everything there was to know!

What did you think of the tour?

I thought it was great, it was quite tiring as we walked for 2 hours and listened to John the whole time but it was really interesting, just made me tired.

Have you seen or done anything like this before?

I've never had a walking, talking tour before and I never realised how much street art there was in Bristol.

What did you enjoy most about the tour?

I enjoyed most being shown street art that I might not have even noticed was there and I'm really chuffed that I actually saw famous grafitti artists work, not just in a book or online! Having a guide saved loads of time seeing so much in the 2 hours.

What did you dislike about the tour?

Wearing the earpiece got uncomfortable after a while - I would have preferred headphones or to just listen to John's voice.  I also would have liked a short break on the tour to have a sit down.

Do you think anything could have been made better about the tour?

Just the headphones.

Did the tour give you more ideas to work on with your own art work?

Yes! This tour has made me want to do more of my spray art and it's made me realise that people actually get paid and do it as a job!!!! I'm also more determined now to spend more time working on making the stencil before using the paint and not rushing that.

Header Image Credit: Bristol Art Tours

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Oscar Chatfield

Oscar Chatfield

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  • Sienna James

    On 29 January 2020, 12:21 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Sounds like a fab tour! What surprised you about the graffiti art in particular?

  • Luminara King

    On 22 February 2020, 14:54 Luminara King commented:

    This is a great review Oscar. It sounds like a very exciting tour. Were there some graffiti art that really stood out for you and why? How did they make you feel?

  • Oscar Chatfield

    On 22 February 2020, 15:19 Oscar Chatfield commented:

    Sienna I was most surprised at how much grafitti there was and how massive lots of it was! The ones that cover the skyscraper buildings were brilliant!
    Thank you for commenting on my review.

  • Oscar Chatfield

    On 22 February 2020, 15:22 Oscar Chatfield commented:

    Luminara it was brilliant but by the end I was so tired. The striped man pouring paint was one of my favourites . It shocked me how big it was when I was right Infront of it. To see the top I had to bend my neck right back!!
    Thank you for messaging on my review.

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