Thames Rockets ‘Break the Barrier'

A thrilling Bond-esque speedboat ride down the River Thames

Thames Rockets ‘Break the Barrier'

Today is a good hair day. A very good hair day. The wind rushes through my locks as our crew of ten speed at thirty knots down the river Thames.

We hurtle down this historic stretch of water, and our guide Joe points out some epic landmarks along the way. For forty exhilarating minutes we become tourists in our own city aboard the Thames Rocket Break the Barrier experience. 

From London Bridge to the Thames Barrier I am screaming. We briefly pause to marvel at Maritime Greenwich, home to movies such as Les Miserables and Thor. Just a stones throw away the Emirates Air Line hangs above our heads. Joe tells us that the cable car towers were actually built too low, meaning that whenever a large ship passes through all the cars have to be removed from the line, and the cable is pulled tighter from either side. Great panning, Boris.

Our journey ends at the beautiful, monolithic looking barrier, with impressive fin-like structures that prevent the river from bursting its banks.

This thrilling ride on a Thames Rocket is part of the Totally Thames Festival, and makes up one of many activities centred around London’s life supporting river for a whole month. Click play on the vlog and join Maddie aboard London’s go-to speedboat experience!


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