As part of their 2019 tour Mapdance held a Performance at the Sandpit Theatre, St. Albans Hertfordshire on Wednesday 8th May 2019.


Following an intensive workshop with students from the Sandringham

School, St. Albans the performance opened with the students putting their 

own spin on Jose Agudo’s (Choreographer) work entitled “Inside the Animal”. All the Students worked well together helping the audience  

to sense the tribal nature of the animal world. 

The audience was treated to a set of exciting new works as detailed below;- 

 Didy Veldman (Choreographer) 

a. part

The theme of this piece was communication and how we take up the challenge of this in todays society. Communication was expressed

by dancer Corrie Mckenzie breaking off from the rest of the group holding a microphone and shouting about her Scottish roots. As Corrie was speaking the rest of the  dancers where swaying to the sound of a  mariachi band. This left you feeling as if you didn't quite know what was going on.

Anthony Missen (Choreographer)

Bucket list B

This piece seemed to be all about motives, some hidden some obvious. We were introduced to a comfortable disco scene accompanied by Candi Staton’s  song “Young hearts run  free” Then a nice disco scene turned ugly with Jack Nelson  (male dancer) being confronted and mocked with very negative language. Some of the crowd of dancer’s at one point thought he was dead , instead of trying to come to his aid they just sat on top of him.  Suddenly a group of dancer’s ran onto the stage and a set of staccato questions were asked of individual dancers. Noisy clapping greeted each answer to questions asked .

Jose Agudo -  (Choreographer) 

Inside the animal 

This energetic dance started with the dancers kneeling on the the floor to the rhythmic beating of jungle drums. The speeding beat of the music was fast and furious calling to the wild side of the jungles nature. The dancers  transported  you to the jungle where the beats of the drums and rhythm of the sitar echoed. The audience were engulfed in the natural habitat and behaviour of the animals .

Liz Aggiss   -  (Choreographer)

A revival of the hit (from 2015 )

History Repeating 

This was a walk through the History of Dance set to the sound  of Shirley Bassey,  “History Repeating”.

The homage included:- 

The Egyptian Dance - Wilson Kepple.

The Westside Story -Finger clickers 

In one section of this dance the music changed to a much quiter slower pace. The dancers produced  red hankies and crying music was heard. The cry went out “why are you weeping? 

Answer- for our lost 

Question- what have you lost 

Answer- we cant remember ,we weep for what we do not know 

                  we weep for our past

                  we weep because we must.

Towards the finale a young dancer appeared shouting 

 “ I want to be a fish , I want to a trout. 

The dancer's grouped together toward the back of the stage. The one lone dancer took centre stage and wriggled and wriggled like a fish caught on the hook. Suddenly the fish is still, then the call comes

 “I will not stop , you’ve run out of time, I’ve barely started. “ 

The fish dies Shirley Bassey’s powerful voice booms out over the stage with 

 “History Repeating “

Mapdance Spring Tour 2019

10th May 2019 The London School of Contemporary Dance ,The Place

16th May2019   University of Chichester , Dance Studies.

Header Image Credit: mapdance


Barnabas Shayler

Barnabas Shayler

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