Katherina Radeva's radical, joyful 40/40 tours for International Women's Day

Kat is a woman (has been for quite a while now). She is a migrant (since 1999) from the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria. In April 2022, surrounded by family and friends, she turned 40. 

Award-winning theatre company Two Destination Language are touring the UK for the final leg go 40/40 - a radical, joyful dance show which sees performer Katherina Radeva reflect on her life, as a migrant, as a woman and, now, turning 40. The final leg of the 40/40 tour - which began in Edinburgh 2022 and has toured the UK since - coincides perfectly with International Women's Day 2024.

Kat has always danced, but she has never called herself a dancer, until now. Claiming space on the dance floor, she writes stories of her past, present and future using a mix of recorded audio reflections, creating patterns with electrical tape on the dance floor and, of course, through movement and dance.  

From childhood gymnastics classes and body shaming, to migrancy and moving to the UK at 16, Kat puts it all on the floor. A creative who refuses to be categorised, through choreography we see all the joys and sorrows of Radeva’s 40 years in this life affirming piece of radical movement. 

40/40 is a celebration of women’s strength, labour, hard work, joys and sadnesses. Kat interweaves open, honest audio voice overs with great tunes - including the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams are Made of These, Nick Cave’s Rings of Saturn and more - and great dance moves to create a truly joyful space. Join the revolution by dancing, claiming and reclaiming the beautiful, glorious and messy complexities of womanhood. 

Katherina Radeva said: "There are always points in one's life when a radical change occurs. For me, a moment like that is turning 40 - a marker of time and a marker of looking back and looking forward. It is also a kind of invisible marker in a female body and in my instance - a female migrant body. 

I have given myself the opportunity to make a dance solo supported by three incredible dance artists all over 40 - the legend Liz Aggiss, Lucy Suggate and Rachel Krische. I am doing what I want to see more - female, middle aged and imperfect bodies taking space and being honest and real.

I am so excited that the show is going out on the road in the week of International Women's Day -- if these are the last few shows of 40/40 - this could not be a better time to show the work and make an invitation to all female identifying people - come and have some joy with me to celebrate all parts of our glorious and messy female human nature." 

40/40 kicks off the final leg of its tour at Dundee Rep, 29 February - stopping off at Melrose Corn Exchange 2 March; Dead, Derby 5 March; Cambridge Junction 6 - 7 March and finishing up with special International Women's Day shows at Birmingham Hippodrome, Patrick Studio 8 - 9 March. 

Header Image Credit: Beth Chalmers


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