we're off to see the wizard

I went to the Weston Auditorium, University of Hertfordshire on Monday 4th of March 2019. This is a production showcasing  the Stanborough  School of Dance and their talented young people. 

The evening was an entertaining walk along the yellow brick road  interpreted by dance and music. The scenery was colourful with large bold  backdrops. The clever use of the technical lighting all added  into the  experience bringing the story of 0z to life.

we're off to see the wizard

The dance started with Dorothy at home on the ranch in Kansas City.

With loud music and  flashes of lightening Dorothy and her favourite dog  Toto were caught up in a tornado. 

They found themselves transported onto the yellow brick road. Along the way we were Introduced to various characters who all shared the adventures  that followed. 

Dorothy meets up with Tinman Scarecrow and Lion all dancing along yellow brick road to the music “this is me.” 

This dance was marvellous with beautiful movements and a well told story. 

I thought the use of the yellow brick material stretched across the 

stage like a huge horizontal banner was very Imaginative . 

The good witch had a battle with the bad witch in the shadow of the castle.

We were treated to a devilish dance from the bad witches supporters

 “The bat Soldiers.”

 As Dorothy and her three friends walked on they came out to The Emerald City. The Wizard came out to see them wearing a lovely emerald dress bringing the show to a happy close. A wonderful performance all  Choreographed by The Dance Captains 

(Students in years 7 upwards) The costumes, editing and music was all chosen by the students. Well done to all who took part.

Header Image Credit: staborough School Presents


Barnabas Shayler

Barnabas Shayler

I am a dancer and would like to become a Choreographer. I have completed the Bronze and Silver Arts Awards currently I am working on the Gold. I was a member of Actone ArtsBase/ Silver Birch Dance Company. Recently I finished College studying Performing Arts at the Orpheus Centre, Surrey.

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