Classical Spectacular Royal Albert Hall

Royal Philharmonic concert

Classical Spectacular Royal Albert Hall

Where and when it was:

The concert was at the Royal Albert Hall in London and we attended in March

Art form:

The concert was performed by the royal philharmonic orchestra featuring singers performing opera and the classical spectacular dancers

Have I seen anything like it?

I am lucky enough to have attended the classical spectacular several times with my mum and sister, partly because of offers they do for home educates like us. but before seeing this i hadn’t seen anything quite like it, The show included: tremendous laser light shows for every song; the classical spectacular dancers gorgeous performance and exquisite dresses and the grand finale, the 1812 overture which includes booming cannons and indoor fireworks. it is a magical experience.

Did I like/dislike it?

I loved the show! It really is spectacular, the orchestra members are so skilled and it is amazing to watch them perform, you can see their passion in the was they play and in the way the singers perform too. There is nothing I like about the actual show, but it is a huge shame when some schools leave before the end of the show, missing the beautiful dancers that perform near the end of the show. I wish, for the sake of those who miss out, that large groups like that didn’t leave the show until the end.

Would I recommend?/A learning experience?

I absolutely would recommend to anyone who gets the chance to go, it’s fun and interactive, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity made accessible. To hear these classics performed.

The show educates viewers on the history of the pieces and dances, and the conductor John Rigby presents the songs, telling the story of some of the songs, giving an insight and understanding that few would otherwise gain.

What did you learn which will help you to achieve your challenge?

The performance was an emotive experience, listening to the music was an internal emotion and my art is a representation of me.


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  • Luke Taylor

    On 10 August 2018, 10:22 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I love classical music! I'm quite jealous that you got in to the Royal Albert Hall.

  • Carol Leach

    On 12 August 2018, 13:47 Carol Leach commented:

    it's an amazing venue Luke isn't it.
    This is an amazing review too Tiger, lots of info

  • Abi Rose Leach

    On 12 August 2018, 13:49 Abi Rose Leach commented:

    I loved going to the Royal Albert Hall, many years ago and still remember the great acoustics, it was a good venue for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

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