Creating a burner independently


What was the title of the activity?


What art form did you try?


Why did you take this workshop?

Thankfully, everything I need to complete my arts challenge is provided by my pottery teacher as part of her lessons. Things like Clay, Paints and Glazes, Wheels, tools…etc and of course her expertise and advice.

There is enough time in the term to complete my project in the lessons at her studio.

Who taught the event, and what did you learn about this teacher?

Candice Coetser

From the website:

I began working with clay, 24 years ago, with Kim Sacks in Johannesburg, South Africa, enjoying magical evenings in her beautiful studio.

When she invited me to join as an apprentice I leapt at the chance.

I trained with her for 3 years and I have been obsessed with clay ever since.

During this time I had the good fortune to work with other potters, such as Paul De Jong, Dale Lambert, Lesley Anne Hoets, Digby Hoets and Jabu Nala.

I went on to run my own home studio, teaching a variety of classes to all age levels. I produced hand-built work and thrown porcelain that was exhibited in the Kim Sacks Gallery. My stoneware bowls were featured on the cover of the National Ceramics Magazine and exhibited in the Ceramics Biennale.

For 10 years, I focused on raising my four children and am returning to ceramics with a passion, rehoning my skills and teaching again.

My work is primarily thrown porcelain and stoneware, though I also love handbuilding, pit-firing and using Naked Raku techniques. My work is clear and strong in form, yet very delicate and light. For me, purity of form and simplicity of glaze is what I strive to produce.

Did you create any artwork? Describe it and the processes you undertook when you created it:

List some new skills or ideas you learnt: 

I learnt:

  • how to prepare clay before centring, 
  • how to centre, 
  • how to make a plate on the wheel, 
  • how to design and work with specific measurement,  
  • how to turn the lid

Did you enjoy the activity? Why?

Yes, because I love doing pottery and also it was the first time I had really thought in depth about every element of a pot


  • Luke Taylor

    On 10 August 2018, 11:09 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I really want to try pottery one day. I'm really glad you're getting an in-depth look into the industry.

  • Tiger-lily Martinez

    On 13 August 2018, 17:42 Tiger-lily Martinez commented:

    thank you

  • Carol Leach

    On 13 August 2018, 17:43 Carol Leach commented:

    brilliant review Tiger-lily, your teacher sounds very interesting and your end product is very good.

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