An excellently performed and well executed show, jam-packed with eccentric characters and slick transitions.


The pair greet the audience and welcome them to their hotel apres vie - a place where guests can come to live forever. This running narrative was clever and set the show up to be one of the most clean and fluid sketch shows I have ever seen. The hotel hosted the multitude of characters that the pair adopted throughout and made for an enjoyable and well thought through hour of sketch comedy. This made a refreshing change to the type of sketch group dynamic that I have seen a lot of this year - there was no pointless dialogue between each other or any clichéd dynamic relating to their off stage relationship. They maintained their story throughout and this was incredibly effective.

The pair gave a lot of energy into all the characters they played and should be commended on their performance, this was a fast paced show full of a lot of quick and witty sketches. This fast paced nature and fact that a lot of these sketches were so short sometimes resulted in the joke getting lost, or creating a feeling that the sketch was missing an ending.

The pair are obviously very intelligent - the set up of the show is highly commendable and both performers were very entertaining to watch. The best moments were the eccentric and bizarre characters, and whilst the choreography was a highlight I would like to see these boys let loose a little bit more and explore the more absurdist element to some of these characters. All round though this was an intelligent, witty, fast paced show with great energy and I look forward to what they do next.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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