A high energy, surreal hour of weird and wonderful sketches from two charismatic performers.


The dynamic between these sisters becomes immediately obvious to the audience. The pair play on their sibling rivalry creating instant belly laughs within the opening scene. We are made very aware that one sister has been classically trained at Guildhall whilst the other attended the renowned Gaulier clown school. This entertaining dynamic creates clever opportunities for slick transitions as they unveil more of these personas.

The first sketch is particularly note worthy. We meet an Australian ghostbuster-style anti-bullying team who make us aware of the kind of abuse we should be avoiding by showcasing it. Audience interaction is established and the bully is found sitting in the audience. I have played witness to a lot of shows recently where I have felt that that audience participation is used almost because the performers felt like they needed to squeeze it in somewhere. This is not the case with these girls. The perfect performer/audience relationship is established. Their eye contact and engagement with their audience is professional but inviting.

The stand out sketch in this performance is the one involving the two buck teeth men and their shack. The facial expressions in this scene are a real highlight. With her fake teeth almost falling out of her mouth, one sister delivered several minutes worth of hill billy nonsense which was a real golden moment.

Both siblings must be commended on their physicality throughout the show. The home videos and the chemistry between these two girls makes a unique and strong pairing. There were no dull moment or dud sketches, each character was thoroughly engaging and the pairs comic timing was on point. If you want to see a show where you will laugh the whole way through, I highly recommend you go and see these girls- they are definitely stars in the making.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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