Tago - Korean Drum II

It's not something you find often in your local theatre; so take the opportunity to see it.

Tago - Korean Drum II

This event is an immersive experience. The energy from these performers is electric. The stories they tell and the emotions they develop through playing a range of drums is great. They complement this well with some really good physical comedy and superb choreography.

They have impeccable timing with a clever presentation of drum sequences and good use of lighting to really add effect. In fact the lighting makes a big impact on this production, and the venue is a perfect fit.

Unfortunately at about the 35 minute mark I felt the performance dip. It's not that it wasn't good music being played, indeed there wasn't anything specifically bad. Perhaps it was that nothing new was being presented and our interests weren't being peaked. But then they really drove it back up. The final 10 minutes was delivered exceptionally and the net result was a good sprinkling of standing ovations by the audience. There was whooping too!

Not all performers are as skilled as these guys. The production quality was testament to their obvious hard work in rehearsal.

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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