Pub Quiz for Kids with Patrick Monaghan

This is where parents' expert knowledge in all things to do with children comes in handy.

Pub Quiz for Kids with Patrick Monaghan

A pub quiz without alcohol and not in a pub but with the energy and enthusiasm that comes with toddlers. Families and 22-year old individuals alike are put into teams of around two families' size. Monaghan is the quizmaster and is accompanied by Story Pocket Theatre adjudicators.

Simply put, I'd have adored it as a child and have laughed from start to finish and wanted to be on the front row. Now, as a big child, smack bang at the age of knowing too little for the children's questions and knowing too little for the parents' questions, I basked in an atmosphere of unending happiness. Not to mention a ferocious electric energy.

A charismatic host, an excellent array of questions, well considered juvenile jokes, and a Dad Dance Off. As you can imagine, the children's passions ran high, there was some disappointment, but no one won anything in the end so they didn't actually care.

I am 22 years old.

Perhaps the best kids show at the Fringe is a show for kids and about kids.

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Pub Quiz for Kids with Patrick Monaghan is on at the Gilded Balloon Billiard Room at 14:30 until 28 August (exc. 15, 22 August). For tickets and more information, visit the Fringe website.


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