Animal (Are you a proper person?)

Using the power of the spirit animal has never been more musical.

Animal (Are you a proper person?)

This quirky little musical comedy routine presents a man and a woman using music and spoken word to describe and tell their life stories, with their spirit animals pushing them all the way.

I've got to say, the show was rather light-hearted and somewhat inspiring to watch - I never thought that using animals to describe our personalities can go much further in our lives.

However, despite having a great concept, the show was definitely lacking in that ingredient which could've pushed it further. It certainly had the vibe and the sound, but it came across as just a little bit too plain.

Additionally, the sense of humour was great and it gave people the chuckles, but again this didn't really pick up much for me, and I really wished that there was more.

It's still a good show, but I think it needs more development in order to make it less average.

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Animal (Are you a proper person?) is showing at the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) between August 9th - 28th (excluding the 15th and the 22nd). For more information, please visit

Suitable for 16+


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