Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

The best stand up comedian of my fringe experience

Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

At the top of the show Kinane states that the show has nothing to do with Ghosts Pizza Parties, and then goes on to make a great joke, about how he made a comment about the aforementioned topic to a friend of his. So basically, he starts the show by saying his show is nothing about the title – except the first part of the show is about the title. He tells it better, I promise.

My first American stand up comedian of the Fringe, and I have to say, the best stand up comedian of my fringe experience. Kinane's style of delivery is superb, with his jokes fully complimented by his style. When working in a sea of stand up, one has to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, and it's fair to say that Kinane does this perfectly at the fringe – and I have a theory about this. Kinane is from the USA – Illinois specifically – and stand up over there is a different beast to the semi-awkward, self-depricating stand up that us Brits seem to enjoy most. This show is about stories, and other people. He doesn't do audience banter, and that is refreshing enough in itself, but on top of that he actively encouraged people to get up and visit the loo (or "grab another beer") - I can honestly say it's the most comfortable I've ever felt in a stand up comedy gig, which probably explains why I found it so funny.

There is nothing remarkable about Kinane's stories, they are in fact ones that seem like stand up comedy standards, but perhaps that's just because of the sheer amount of stand up that I've seen at Edinburgh – both professional & amateur, paid & free, and venue based & street. None of this takes away from the fact that he is a truly amazing comedian, and I would heartily recommend him to anyone that is looking for something that is a little bit different in this era of "everyone is a comedian".

Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party is performing every day at Underbelly Cowgate until the 30th August. For tickets and more information, visit the Fringe website


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