Ed Gamble: Lawman

This young comedian takes it up another level as he dazzles us with his jokes.

Ed Gamble: Lawman

Young lad Ed Gamble takes on the fringe once again. Having had a few appearances at the fringe, the infamous comedian filled the seats at Canons' Gait.

Before he properly begins his set, he shares rules he has when he's doing stand-up. One of them, importantly, was for everyone to laugh.

He tells us how he feels living with his girl, describing her as care free and living like a man (paraphrasing) leaving bits of clothing and apples where they shouldn't be.

Although he has a serious demeanour, he makes everyone laugh with his jokes.

His blunt sense of humour is well delivered, and was smart with some double-entendre and witty humour. This left the audience reading between the lines with some jokes, making the payoff all the more rewarding.

Ed made some funny points about following the law. He went as far as to write a short movie about a straight cop who follows the rules. I won't ruin the plot for you but it's funny stuff!

Ed truly proves he is one comedian to look out for in the future. His charm and charisma will surely get him far. The polite young man has a great future ahead of him.

Ed Gamble: lawman - Aug 17-30, 13:15 at Canons' Gait

For details on tickets click here https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/ed-gamble-lawman


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