Ian Smith - Whereabouts

A very funny hour of random and well-considered comedy.

Ian Smith - Whereabouts

Having seen much stand up at the fringe this year, watching something that appeared to unfold in front of my very eyes really got me giggling. The show had little running-thread, being particularly spontaneous with his humour. This style lends itself particularly well to audience engagement; without mocking the people that have paid to come and see his show, he artfully gets them involved through relatable topics and easy to understand humour.

On top of this, Smith masters the balance between trying, and over exerting himself, appearing neither lazy nor contrived. I think the organic, non-linear, impromptu approach he took helped with this, allowing it to feel free flowing, negating any possibility for a forced atmosphere. Relating back to previous topics in order to create relevant, contemporary, off-the-cuff comedy he manages to get laughs at every gag, highlighting his skill as a stand-up and storyteller.

Despite this, I would argue that Smith's show was less memorable than others, perhaps due to the nonspecific content and lack of continual themes. Overall, the show was an excellent example of improvised stand-up, drawing upon comedic moments of his life in order to allow for a living, breathing funny set.

Ian Smith – Whereabouts is on August 17th and 19-30th at Pleasance Courtyard, (Venue 33) at 19:00. Suitability: 14+. For tickets and more information click here.

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