Kevin J: Council Estate of Mind

Kevin J brought his childhood to life on stage, describing just what it is like to grow up on a notorious North London council estate, and the community spirit that comes with it.

Kevin J: Council Estate of Mind

This show opened my eyes to a world I previously knew very little about, told from the viewpoint of someone who lived it and now goes around challenging the stereotypes associated with it through his stand-up comedy.

Kevin J discusses life on an estate, school life and higher education, as well as telling us about his family and friends. He describes how he was one of two boys from his estate to eventually go on to university and get a degree, and how his father was finally proud of him when his career took him to Nigeria. His act is clever, amusing and sometimes laugh out loud funny, but where stand up comedy is concerned, he is not the funniest performer I have seen.

There is no doubt in my mind that he is a talented comedian, I just believe he has a way to go before he can demonstrate his full potential. He didn't have the audience laughing with him at a lot of his jokes, but his material was intriguing to listen to, and he presented it with confidence and intrigue.

Overall, although I didn't find it that funny, I think it is interesting to see in terms of the viewpoint that Kevin brings to you throughout the show. I definitely enjoyed seeing it, just not for the humour, but in terms of what I learnt, I think it is an interesting show to see.

Kevin J: Council Estate of Mind is on at 10:15pm until 30th August, excluding 19th.

Suitable for ages 16 and over.

For tickets and more information, click here


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