How to be more desirable to employers

The job market is very competitive, so here are some tips to help you stand out to employers.

How to be more desirable to employers

Utilise your social media platforms

Social media is a handy tool when it comes to attracting potential employers. It is likely that employers will comb through your social media when deciding whether to hire you, so ensuring that they are up to date and that they present you well is becoming increasingly essential. Showing interest in your line of work by commenting and following may also be advantageous to your job hunt. 


This is an excellent way to upgrade your skill set. Offering your time to help a local charity allows you to gain a different perspective on employment, give back to others, and expand your social network by meeting new people. Additionally, giving back to the community and demonstrating your charitable side is attractive to employers. Finally, volunteering is beneficial to your C.V. as it allows you to obtain training in areas your past jobs did not provide, or further develop existing skills. 

Learn a new skill

Do your research on what skills employers are looking for in your line of work or the one you wish to enter, then try your best to achieve those skills if you haven’t already where possible. Obtaining certifications or accreditations is not easy, but there are options to help with this. You could try searching online to see what courses are available and affordable (or free) for you to do. It may seem a lot, but it will be worth it to be hired into a role that you genuinely want later on.

Try a new language

Learning a language is something that impresses most employers, not simply because you can speak another language, but also the skills you develop in doing so. Learning a language shows you are persistent, focused, disciplined, and intelligent to potential employers. The other, slightly more obvious benefit is that you can converse with people that may not speak the same language as your employer, which in turn will benefit their company if they hire you.

Ensure your C.V. is up to date

It may seem obvious, but you definitely need to keep on top of your C.V. Refresh your résumé with recent achievements, skills, and anything else you feel is important to note so that potential employers can see everything you have to offer. Make sure to include things like workshops, conferences, and any accomplishments within the workplace you have achieved, for example improving business relationships. Having a document with all of your achievements can also be helpful to you as it is a reminder of what you can personally contribute to the roles you are applying for and gives you a confidence boost.

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