Back to school productivity essentials

We’ll soon be waving goodbye to the summer holidays, so no matter what level and style of education you’re going into this September, organisation is a must.

Back to school productivity essentials

Going back to school can be exciting, but also anxiety-inducing. The last thing you want is to start school completely unprepared, so I’ve compiled some short lists of things that can help you work more efficiently and be more organised. You can find everything on this list by simply Googling them, and the majority are likely to be on Amazon to help bring that delivery cost down. I hope this helps! 

For remote learners:

  • Laptop stand  - to keep your laptop at eye level, thus improving your posture.

  • Desk lamp - with autumn approaching the dark nights will be getting earlier and earlier

  • Blue light glasses - staring at a screen all day can cause headaches and damage eyesight

  • Memory foam pads - to rest your arms on because I know reaching out for the keyboard all day can get exhausting

  • Mini desk hoover - to keep your workspace clean

  • Transparent monitor attachment - to keep any important information in clear sight

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In-person essentials

  • Organising folder - to keep your loose sheets of paper safe

  • Dry-erase board - to stay organised and up to date with your school work

  • Cute notebooks - to make taking notes prettier

  • Infinity pencil - to stop you having to sharpen your pencil in your pencil case

  • Weekly planner - to take notes of your assignments before you leave the classroom

  • Water bottle - to keep you hydrated while you work

  • Index cards - to help you revise what you learn

  • A small school hygiene bag - for example, deodorant, hand sanitiser, lip balm, hair tie, and your period products of choice

  • Highlighters - to help draw your attention to specific info quickly

  • Post-it notes - to write down any key info quickly

  • Name Stamp - to make sure that if you lose something, you are likely to get it back again

Below are some additional videos that also offer great ideas

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Back to School Essentials (things to have in place for a good year)

Hopefully this list helps you on your journey through a productive, positive academic year wherever you’re learning from! 

Header Image Credit: Cinthia Becher on Unsplash


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