How to pitch a freelance article

Thinking of freelancing? Here's how to pitch the perfect article to get you noticed

How to pitch a freelance article

Ever wanted to pitch an article to your favourite publication but didn't know where to start? These hints and tips will help you stand out from the crowd to any editor!

Research the publication

It's always best to research the publication you want to write for, have a look at what kind of content they cover and how their articles are structured. This will help you decide if that publication is the right place for you to pitch your idea.  Remember not every publication will suit what you want to write about! 

Keep it short and snappy!

Editors receive hundreds of pitches so it's best to get straight to the point, introduce yourself and write two or three sentences about your article idea – they aren't looking for a fully-fledged article, just a sense of your angle. It's a good idea to include three or four bullet points detailing the main points you'll be covering. If you have one it's good to link your portfolio or a piece of written work so the editor can get a feel for your writing as well as a few sentences about you, your hobbies or subjects you like to write about. It makes your email much more personal and shows an idea of who you are. 

Use keywords in your subject line

The subject line is the first impression the editor gets of your article so it's important to make it count. Think about the main theme of your article and make this part of your subject line. It's always a good idea to start with the word pitch as this makes it easier for your chosen editor to find.

Research the pitching guidelines for your chosen publication

Every publication is different and some have specific guidelines for pitching on their website. A quick Google search will help you find the pitching guidelines which will give you a rough idea of what an editor is looking for when reading your pitch which will make it easier for you to write. 

Reach out to other freelance journalists

Social media is a great place to meet other journalists and editors, many freelancers are more than happy to give you advice and support when starting out. You'll also be able to use tools like Twitter search to find editors for various publications but it's best to email them rather than sliding into the DM’s.   


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