Introducing the Top 10s of 2020

As hard as it might be, let’s end 2020 with a bang with as we give you a rundown of the best films, art, positive news stories and events.

Introducing the Top 10s of 2020

Praise be, 2020 is finally drawing to a close, and we couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to this rollercoaster of a year. Although we have less and less of an idea what the future might hold, we’ve acquired enough endurance this year to get us through virtually anything. 

2020 saw a fabulous array of artwork from creatives all over the world, pushing their creativity to new heights and using their time to fill our lives with something positive. We’ll be ending this year on a high, so join us as we countdown all the good that 2020 had to offer. From films, TV shows, games and visual art, to positive news stories, life-changing news events and the best of lockdown, we’ve collated Top 10s of all the things you’ll want to remember from this year. 

Starting from 21 December, we’ll be rolling out a Top 10 list every day until December 29 to keep you entertained throughout this holiday season indoors. 

Of course, with any Top 10, these lists are not definitive, and we are likely to have forgotten a few things, or perhaps you disagree with us about something entirely. Whatever the reason, we want to hear from you, fellow culture lovers! So do join us on all our social channels to let us know your thoughts on our top 10 roundups! We can be found @voicemaguk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Top 10 books of 2020

Top 10 Books of 2020

(Published 21 December)

Top 10 visual arts of 2020 Top 10 visual arts of 2020

(Published 22 December)

Top 10 most influential people of 2020

Top 10 most influential people of 2020

(Published 23 December)

Top 10 films of 2020 of 2020 

Top 10 films of 2020

(Published 24 December)

Top 10 positive news stories of 2020

Top 10 positive news stories of 2020

(Published 25 December)

Top 10 lockdown experiences 

Top 10 Lockdown Experiences of 2020

(Published 26 December)

Top 10 music of 2020 

Top 10 Music of 2020

(Published 27 December)

Top 10 games of 2020 

Top 10 Games of 2020

(Published 28 December)

Top 10 news events of 2020

Top 10 News Events of 2020

(Published 29 December)

Top 10 Voice articles of 2020 

Top 10 Voice Articles of 2020

(Published 30 December)


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