Top 10 Voice articles of 2020

Looking back at an exceptional year of content from Voice

Top 10 Voice articles of 2020

2020 has been challenging for any number of reasons, but we cannot be any more proud of how our community and our Contributors pulled together to keep the website fresh and delivered exciting, engaging and thought-provoking content for everyone to enjoy. 

Here are just 10 of the best pieces published over the course of this year! How many have you read? Were there others you think we missed off the list? Let us know in the comments!

The New Vic: Establishing community through the power of theatre

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AuthorSadhana Nayaranan

Sadhana explores the historic nature of the New Vic theatre, and how it is rooted in the community. Interviewing everyone from the Artistic Director to a member of the local community, Sadhana weaved together a narrative of where the theatre came from and where it hopes to be going. It also had an accompanying podcast that provided additional details that didn’t make it into the article – so do give it a listen!

ImageDavid Hughes, Moonbrushed Media

Sleeping Beauties: British theatres have been left to rot

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AuthorMaddie Drury

In this excellently researched piece, Maddie walks us through the fight two communities are undertaking to save their local theatres. Both Doncaster’s Grand Theatre and Streatham Hill Theatre fell victim to the meteoric rise of Bingo halls, but once the daubing craze died these historic buildings were left to rot. 

ImageMargaret Herbert

The continued effect of Covid-19 on the homeless population

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AuthorSaskia Calliste

Homelessness is never an easy experience, and the people who find themselves without permanent accommodation are often misunderstood and lacking in support. Thankfully efforts were made during the first lockdown to try and get homeless people into accommodation, but that support soon dropped off once lockdown was lifted. Assistant editor Saskia took a look at the situation and explored how the lifting of the eviction ban was only going to exacerbate this crisis.

ImageJosé Manuel de Laá from Pixabay

Creating at home: How Voice Contributors are occupying their time in isolation

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AuthorVoice Contributor Collaborations

The Voice Contributors are a creative bunch even when the world hasn't come to a complete stand-still. During the first national lockdown – and knowing they had a lot of extra time we were curious to see what they had been getting up to. The results speak for themselves!

ImageCharlotte Hooker

The nursing shortage: ‘I could earn more at Aldi’

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AuthorMaddie Drury

With two young children, the story of full-time nurse Beverley Penman having to resort to a food bank was all over the press. Despite keeping the country alive, Beverley was struggling to keep her family life from crumbling, and her story isn't unique. How did we get here, and how can we fix it?

Image:  Maddie Drury

Will Covid-19 affect attitudes to immigration?

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AuthorOluwatayo Adewole

Covid-19 has been transformative to so much of the world as we know it, with everything having to rapidly pivot to accommodate. Tayo wanted to investigate whether or not this societal shift would extend to Britain becoming more accepting and tolerant towards immigration. If history truly repeats itself, then it’s not looking positive...

ImageUk Border Agency

Black Lives Matter

Read it here3315766a479424284cebf74c9191f9b21fd3685c.png

AuthorTom Inniss

Countries throughout the world were ablaze this summer over the murder of George Floyd. Shock and outrage reached even the most unlikeliest corners of the world to show solidarity for the BLM movement. For some of us however, the murder of George Floyd was just another day in the life of being black. Editor Tom Inniss gets real about the struggle of the black community. He outlines societies blatant failings towards black people and why he was not as horrified by the events that took place as much as he was disappointed that hardly anything has changed since the 1960s. 

Image: n/a

Gender exclusivity at Reading and Leeds is the tip of the iceberg for the music industry

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AuthorRosa Todd

Reading and Leeds Festival – along with pretty much everything else – was eventually cancelled as a result of Covid-19, but fans were upset even before that announcement because of the line-up. But, rather than upset at who was playing, they were annoyed by who wasn’t. Of the 91 acts announced to be performing at the festival in August, only 20 include a woman, with only three of these acts playing on the main stage, and this wasn’t an isolated problem in the industry.

ImageRich Jones

Sharing genetic data: Henrietta Lacks and the question of informed consent

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AuthorRosie Doyle

In 1951 Henrietta Lacks unknowingly donated her cells to cancer research, unaware that they would both save lives and provoke fierce debate over what constitutes ethical medical research. Rosie explored the history of this fascinating story, and questions who owns the right to their genetic information.

ImageNational Cancer Institute onUnsplash

Music — An industry built on bullying

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AuthorChris Hill

In this brutally honest and emotionally raw piece, Chris details his harrowing reality of bullying, peer-pressure and self-admonishment within the music industry. It is not an easy read, and there are trigger warnings in place for harassment, sexual harassment and assault, and suicide. If you are able to read it though, it ends on a positive call for more love and support for one another – something I think we could all agree is needed more now than ever.


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