Case Study: Georgie Cosette, Arts Award Activist, Bronze and Gold achiever

Georgie is brand new to the Arts Award Youth Network, and has already completed her Bronze and Gold awards.

Case Study: Georgie Cosette, Arts Award Activist, Bronze and Gold achiever

What was your first experience of Arts Award?

My first experience of Arts Award was in 2010 when I heard some friends talking about a youth centre they went to to try all different types of art. I went along one week not knowing what Arts Award was, got to do loads of cool things like record music, make films and do t-shirt printing. Not long after that I completed my Bronze Arts Award.

Which levels did you complete, (or are you currently working on)?

I completed Bronze and Gold.

Which is your favourite level and why?

Gold was definitely my favourite level. I found so many opportunities through it, you get to explore your art form in so much depth and also with professionals. My favourite section was Unit 1 Part D, forming a view. I did mine on Film Photography, titled Is it pointless to teach what is fast becoming an out-dated and less used medium?. I decided to post it in a group on Facebook and I got loads of responses both from friends and others who had added themselves.

What was the best thing that you have learnt — about the arts, or yourself — while completing your Arts Award?

I guess one of the main things I learnt was the more people you know the more opportunities arise. I managed to get my exhibition space through a friend of a friend, I heard about the Youth Network through a friend and so on. Also that if I set my mind on something I can make it happen.

Did your Arts Award take you to any unexpected places?

I ended up as assistant stills photographer on a film set in Leicester, two of the actors being Colin Baker and Audrey Ardington!

Why did you decide to join the Arts Award Youth Network?

I loved the idea of representing and promoting Arts Award in my local area. Also after experiencing Arts Award I would love to inspire others to try it out.

What do you hope to experience in your time on the Youth Network?

Meeting like minded people, creating and managing events, travelling to various places to speak about Arts Award and inspiring people.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of giving Arts Award a go?

Go for it! Arts Award is full of opportunity, you will learn so much about your art form as well as others. It will get you places, you could meet great people and you can create amazing things.

Read more about the Youth Network Activist role and the Bronze & Gold Arts Awards


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