Maddox Jones releases "World's Gone Mad"

The UK based songsmith reflects on what matters in lockdown

Maddox Jones releases "World's Gone Mad"

singer-songwriter Maddox Jones has followed up his debut EP with a heartwarming new single, "World's Gone Mad”.

Written in the midst of last years Lockdown with Mikey Austin-Riley & David Crawford “World’s Gone Mad” is a much needed comfort for many stuck at home this winter, a reminder of those life affirming hugs so many of us have missed. The track captures perfectly the way most of us have reflected on what matters most, and harneses the sense of community and compassion that came from such a dark place 

Co-produced by Billy Lockett and Louis Souyave, the song is written in the style of a letter, expressing a realisation that many of us have been experiencing. If anything good at all came from 2020 it was the way people united and came together in the face of adversity, wether it was the Whatsapp groups offering support to local communities or the Zoom based pub quiz's that kept us stimulated, the COVID pandemic has brought about a sense of oneness and appreciation fo our neighbours and those we loved. Combining a beautifully catchy chorus and piano hook, the track is an explosion of positive thought

Maddox is already on his way to becoming a household name having already received praise from the likes of SPIN, American Songwriter, BBC, and the CMU newsletter. If you ever find yourself feeling down in the new lockdown we've fallen into I can't recommend giving this latest video a watch.

Watch the video for "World's Gone Mad" here


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