What makes something art?

For my Arts Award Gold issue, I wanted to explore the idea of what exactly qualifies something as artwork. I decided to present this in a physical portfolio. Hopefully both the photos and my handwriting are clear this time! It would be great to hear some of your opinions too.



  • Luke Taylor

    On 2 January 2018, 11:40 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    What a brilliant and unique way to present your viewpoint!

  • Zara Rashid

    On 17 January 2018, 23:36 Zara Rashid commented:

    I love the way you've made your work so interactive! The question of whether something is really art is a very interesting one, and I've never really thought about it much. After looking at your pages I might do some more research into it!

  • Tapaswini Gnanasundaram

    On 24 January 2018, 21:55 Tapaswini Gnanasundaram commented:

    I really enjoyed hearing about your thoughts on an issue I have thought about a lot myself, especially in such a creative and humorous way!

  • Anjali Sargeant

    On 25 January 2018, 13:16 Anjali Sargeant commented:

    This is such a funny way of putting a very philosophical question, and I agree with your conclusion; we are influenced by others and it does depend how much time and effort goes into art. Your though process made the entire thing funny and it made it much more engaging. Great job!

  • Anna Bonomi

    On 27 January 2018, 12:53 Anna Bonomi commented:

    This is such an inventive way to post your ideas! Your humour is amazing and your style of art is very unique. Can’t wait to see more from you!

  • Nici West

    On 6 February 2018, 16:18 Nici West Voice Team commented:

    Thanks for sharing Lois! This is so creative and I love the drawings!

  • Kashmini Shah

    On 7 March 2018, 20:01 Kashmini Shah Contributor commented:

    I absolutely love the presentation of your issue here! It's so creative and makes for such an interesting read. You make some really good points concerning the nature of art and I can really see your thought process clearly :)

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