A Visit to Tate Modern and the National Art Gallery

A record of my findings when I visited Tate Modern and the National Art Gallery. I wanted to retain the scrapbook-esque atmosphere, therefore I took photos of the pages of my portfolio instead of writing an article. Apologies for the messy handwriting!









  • On 23 March 2016, 18:50 [Deleted User] commented:

    So good!! xx

  • On 23 March 2016, 18:51 [Deleted User] commented:

    So good!! xx

  • On 23 March 2016, 18:56 [Deleted User] commented:

    This looks incredible and the little things like the tape and your doodles make this even more interesting. I really like "The Four Elements"! :)

  • On 23 March 2016, 18:58 [Deleted User] commented:

    This is beautiful. I especially love the creative layout and details x

  • Mona Farhangi

    On 23 March 2016, 19:00 Mona Farhangi commented:

    This is great!!

  • Sally Trivett

    On 25 March 2016, 18:41 Sally Trivett Voice Team commented:

    This is great! I love seeing scrapbook style portfolios. I think they can be a great way to express not only the things you've seen, but the general atmosphere and emotions felt when at the galleries - something which you've captured really well. Your portfolio looks really personal, and will be something for you to treasure for years to come. I'd love to see some more of your work, be that visual, or written!

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