Comic Con: Game Of Thrones Panel

MCM Birmingham Comic Con saw a panel of Ian Beattie, Josef Altin, and Ian McElhinney from Game of Thrones.

Comic Con: Game Of Thrones Panel
  • Left, Ian McElhinney, Irish actor and director who played Barristan Selmy. Middle, Ian Beattie, Northern Irish actor who played Meryn Trant. Right, Josef Atlin, Londoner who played Pypar.

Do you ever find yourself forming opinions on others characters in the show that might be influenced by the character you played yourself?

Ian Beattie: No. Simple answer, a very interesting question but if I'm honest I've never thought about it. I think the only influence I might've had was being the first one on Arya's list, which was something like a dubious honour. For killing, I was the first one on her list, I was the one that she herself crossed off on her list. And she did so in a really gruesome way. I mean, she didn't just kill me. She absolutely tortured me to death.

I didn't say it wasn't deserved - it was thoroughly deserved - but when we were filming that scene, the hope was always going to be that most people had got Facebook and were cheering that this monster had been killed. That they would actually think, "Oh, that was a bit brutal" and they would start being a little concerned about where Arya was going, what path she was taking. So I suppose if I have any relevance beyond that, it was the start of Arya going very vengeful and dark, and I'm not sure what her father would've thought of it then.

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Josef Altin: I never thought about it on set, or anything like that…so no.

Ian McElhinney: Certainly in the story, you don't write certain dialogue

Are the scripts for the entire series written before the series starts filming, or do you as actors have an influence as well?

They've already set, at this stage, we are doing exactly thirteen more episodes, seven seasons, seven, six in season eight. They seem to be very well-prepped- you can go into series where you've done episodes 1, 2 and 3, and you've no idea what happens after that. And it's a bit scary for all concerned. In this, these guys know exactly what they're doing and know exactly where we're going. And when you go in, it's fixed. It's actually quite difficult to challenge anything that's in there, because they know why they've done what they've done.

This is one of their strengths: they know their brief, inside out.

Source: Hit the floor

J.A: For my character Pypar, I got the script. Everything was obviously written in. And any re-amendments, come a bit later. But most of the time, especially Game of Thrones, future scripts are whatever you get, you don't know what's happening. I have friends who were really big fans of the book and they were like "Mate, Pip's throughout the whole thing.". I was like "Wicked.". And then when I was filming one time, I knew more about the character, I knew all the juicy stuff and the interaction with more characters. So I got my script, reading, and then my character was just getting scared and scared. And I really didn't this to happen. So I flipped to the end. And my character died.

If you could have been any other character on the show, who would you have been?

I.B: Nobody.

Audience member: That's a cop out!

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I.B: No, I'll tell you why it's not a cop out. In my first audition, I originally tried for Cell. And I didn't get it. And I was not happy. Three or four weeks later, they released my character and I got it. I asked for five seasons so I got really, really lucky. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: the show is so well cast, that once you've seen an actor in a role, you couldn't imagine anyone else playing it. I mean, you couldn't imagine anyone else playing Charles Cat. Or Taibo. Or Peter. So I was just grateful and privileged, to get any role. Any role whatsoever.

I got the best death I've ever seen…so I wouldn't swap with anybody. But I do mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I.E: If I could, I would be Ailya. Right character, right looks. I'm neither the right sex or the right age, but there you go.

J.A: So many characters I would've loved to play. But like he said, everyone's part is for a reason. I would've loved to play Geoffrey but hands up to the actor, he's absolutely terrific. I would like to think…I would've done my own, you know? Great to play Arya, like he said. John Snow. But I couldn't see myself now as Jon Snow. I was just really happy to play Pip, and get shot by that arrow.

I.B: There are so many wonderful characters in this show. And as an actor, if you were auditioning for them, you'd kill for them. And I think no other show has become such a phenomenal success. There isn't an actor in the western world who doesn't want to be in it! I mean, Ed Sheeran has been trying to get into the show for over three years.

I walk into an audition room now; it's something I'll always, always be grateful for. I'm getting seen for stuff I would not have been seen for five years ago. They look at your CV and they see Game of Thrones, "Right, you can act. Now let's see if you can act this role." But it's like a calling card, and I'll always be grateful for that.

Did you get to keep any mementos from the set?

I.B: Not a chance.

J.A: Sometimes when you die, you get a "Oh, well done." There was nothing.

[Laughter from the audience]


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