Get Gold with a little inspiration

Are you facing that dreary thought of heading back to school, college or university? Maybe the simple fact that you leave work and it's already getting dark again? Maybe you need a little shimmer of hope to help you through - maybe a shimmer of Gold!

Get Gold with a little inspiration

Excuse the terrible opening puns, I've not been fortunate enough to take a creative writing course. But thousands of students out there are making their own start on such a journey this month. Whether for an A Level or for a Masters degree, and many forms of study in between. For the most lucky of you out there, you could be starting an apprenticeship. I personally think they are a fantastic idea and an ideal way to get some real organisational experience. Of course it needs to be done right - and that is a lot of hard work. Apprentices need to recognise the opportunity & investment employers are making in them; whilst employers need to recognise, encourage and reward the great contributions apprentices bring from day 1.

Whatever your next step in life right now, I hope that you can join me in exploring the wonderful inspiration this summer's Rio2016 games brings - both sporting & culturally. Arguably many artists have been on their own journey to 2016 and fought against the odds to present their work at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Not only have we brought you reviews but also some interviews. A small insight in to the world of theatre, comedy and arts production. So do head over to our Voicebox to check this out.

We've also had some great applications to the Arts Award Youth Network. Activists & Reporters are an important part of the work we do - developing Arts Award, developing direct engagement locally, and providing resources to help you on your Arts Award Journey.

I've mentioned sources of inspiration in previous blogs; and given a very personal account 3 years ago - still as relevant today although I've met more wonderful people along the way and worked with some great artists. But sometimes you do just have to remind yourself why you do what you do.

Whilst I'm linking back to old blogs, I'd like to also flag my post "Get Gold by avoiding stress". This is really important as you enter the world of academia or work. Keep yourself mentally healthy as well as trying to do the usual exercise & healthy eating. The dark days can contribute to, well… dark days. Don't feel alone and reach out to friends and support services. Maybe look up to your inspirations and realise that if they can do it, you can too.

Now here's a couple of videos for you. The first went viral some time ago, and made the rounds again recently. I immensely enjoyed watching it yet again and thought I should share it with you. Here's Tim Minchin giving an inspiring speech:

The second I shared when posting a blog about literature (read it here) and is a much longer watch, but well worth it if you need some time out to eat your lunch… It's all about achieving your childhood dreams.

I do hope you can enjoy these videos and I'd be keen to read about your inspirations in the comments below. Let me know what videos or stories I should be sharing with you next time!

Picture Credit: Speed of Light by Priya Saihgal


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