COP27: Rishi Sunak boosts global push on ‘clean growth’

The fight against climate change can become “a global mission for new jobs and clean growth,” says Rishi Sunak. 

COP27: Rishi Sunak boosts global push on ‘clean growth’

The prime minister has said it is essential nations stick to commitments made at COP26 in Glasgow one year ago. He has been influencing nations and world leaders to continue with their work towards clean growth and energy.

In his opening address, Mr Sunak said he will urge global leaders to “move further and faster” to avoid the worst impact of climate change by limiting global warming to 1.5C. The prime minister also said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reinforced the significance of ending fossil fuels and turning towards renewable energy sources. The invasion of Ukraine has given a boost to new green industries.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “By honouring the pledges we made in Glasgow; we can turn our struggle against climate change into a global mission for new jobs and clean growth. And we can bequeath our children a greener planet and a more prosperous future. That’s a legacy we could be proud of.”

Mr Sunak met French President Emmanuel Macron, where they discussed the topic of migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats. Rishi Sunak said there is a range of things we must do. 

The prime minister introduced a climate change finance plan, with new details on funding, although this came along with disputes from other political parties. Labour’s Ed Miliband said Mr Sunak “had to be dragged kicking and screaming to go to the summit.”

As COP27 gets under way, the United Nations has warned that meeting the target of limiting temperature rises to 1.5C would take an extraordinary effort. This goal is still in reach, but more effort must be enforced to even think about reaching this target.

Rishi Sunak emphasised that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is not an excuse to stop tackling climate change, in fact it’s a reason to act on tackling climate change.

The PM urged other global leaders and nations to act on climate change. He said it is “morally right and economically right” for us to all act on our promises. The UN said the 12 months since COP26 occurred in Glasgow has been a waste, but the prime minister wants to ensure growth is delivered not just by the UK but internationally.

Mr Sunak said in his press conference that climate and energy security went “hand in hand” and world leaders must act quickly to address the impacts of climate change. The PM will work with other nations and world leaders internationally to act together so the target of limiting global temperature to 1.5C can be achieved.

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