Get Out; Review

My thoughts on the 2018, Oscar nominated thriller, Get Out....

Get Out; Review

Get Out begins with our main character, a young African- American as he visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, uncovering the shocking truths of a so called 'post-racial' America. But as the story progresses things start to get weirder and creepier, switching from a 'family film' to a thriller filled with dark twists and turns, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats...

Watching this film, it was clear why it was nominated for so many awards. In particular, the performance of the main character (portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya) was phenomenal; through his facial expressions and tone alone, he managed to make me as an audience member feel shock, empathy, sadness, fear and absolute terror all in the space of a thirty second scene. As well as the main character, actors who were a part of the Armitage family had the ability to snap from kind and passionate characters to eerie characters that made your skin crawl almost instantly.

Another feature which played a huge part in the success of this film (like any other thriller) was it's music. Like every other feature in this film, the music seemed to switch from calm to creepy flawlessly. This, in a way, gave the audience a time to relax before rapidly drawing them back to the edge of their seats, without ever losing their attention. The music added to every scene of the film, wherever it took place, making the jump scares scarier and tense scenes more intense. If Get Out lacked the music it wouldn't be the award winning movie it is.

One feature that also stood out to me was the way in which the story was written. While of course including all of the twists, jump scares and tense scenes any other thriller would, the film also covered topics and issues within today's society that you wouldn't expect from most films, let alone a horror. As the story revolved around an African- American in the home of a white family, the film showed an honest view on racism today, showing a personal account of the main character tackling problems I honestly didn't know still existed.

Overall, I thought this film was phenomenal and certainly lived up to the reviews and awards it got. It was extraordinary to see a film that managed to fit so many themes into one piece, and made the audience feel so many emotions. A film like this, that tackles raw problems such as racism, yet still achieves the thrill and excitement of any horror, is something the world needs to see. It shows the truth of today's society without a sugar coat and it deserves every award it received (if not more). This shocking view on racial issues, with twists of sick horror, is something everyone needs to see!

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