Ride Along 2 - A review by Sami

This is a review of the movie Ride Along 2

Ride Along 2 - A review by Sami

I am going to write a review of ride along 2. Is was released in january 2016 and i went to see it in Vue Leicester sqaure. Its an action comedy that takes place in Miami. I liked the action, all the comedy. I liked how the actors performed well making the film. ICE CUBE's character is Detective James Payton and Kevin Harts character is Officer Ben Barber.

The first Ride Along was released in 2014. Ride Along 2 is not only is as good as the first one, it is improved.

The theme song is Lets get ridiculous by Redfoo and its awesome!

I think it was the best film of the year because they go on holiday to Miami and they help the cops undercover. The action sequences and the explosions are amazing. The story is great and has a happy ending. It was a great experience it being on the big screen. I would recommend it to everyone. Five out of Five stars. Bring on Ride Along 3!!


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