One Dance by Drake - music video review

A review by Busayomi of the music video by Drake for One Dance

One Dance by Drake - music video review

I am going to review the video for One Dance by Drake because I like the song. It is calm and it makes me relaxed. It is a slow song and the pictures of the video are slow too.

The video shows Drake going to places in a car and walking. I think it is in Canada because he is Canadian. It looks cold. It suits the song. It is atmospheric. It uses reflections and blue colours. He looks like he is thinking.

As of 15th November 16 it has had 21,678,116 views! It is really popular!

Sometimes we listen to this song in school or in the car. I think my friends would like the song.

The music video was released as a part of the short film Please Forgive Me directed by Anthony Mandler, released on September 26, 2016. You see it on Apple music.


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