Michael Griffiths: Cole

A beautiful tribute to a talented song-writer.

Michael Griffiths: Cole

Michael Griffiths completely embodied Cole Porter from start to finish, from his accent and his mannerisms to his physical movement and his stories. Re-living Cole Porter's life, using his best-known songs to assist him, Michael took us on a journey through Cole's legacy, relationships and song-writing inspiration.

The atmosphere was relaxed and calm, yet Michael had every member of the audience under his control, as he sang song after song to a respectful and attentive crowd. The lighting set the tone of each song beautifully and opened out the stage, making it feel like a very intimate performance. He played the piano with ease and comfort, displaying a natural musical talent, and his voice was comforting and warm.

Each song he performed seem to come naturally to him, and his embodiment of Cole made the show more of an experience than a tribute. I felt very relaxed listening to the music and loved watching how much the audience enjoyed the show. Cole Porter did some amazing work, and Michael Griffiths showcased it beautifully.

So, whether you're a Cole Porter fan or not, I guarantee you will recognise a lot of the songs and you will definitely enjoy listening to this beautiful music! Michael Griffiths puts on an excellent show.

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Michael Griffiths: Cole is on at 18:00 every day until the 29th August, excluding the 16th, at Assembly George Square.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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