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Last Sunday I was lucky enough to go along to an exclusive screening of Finding Dory. This article may contain things some people might consider a spoiler, so if you haven't saw the film yet and want to avoid spoilers, come back and read once you've watched it.

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to go along to another Disney exclusive screening! This weeks screening was an exclusive look at the highly anticipated film, Finding Dory. I, like many other teenagers have been waiting for this film for 13 years, so to be offered the tickets to watch it before anyone else in the UK was like a dream come true. Again, like my Alice review, this might contain spoilers so stop reading now! i'll give you chance to leave the page before continuing…

The film was exactly what the title suggests, instead of the much loved characters going on an adventure to find Nemo, they were on an adventure to find Dory. Although they did actually end up having to find Dory, who was lost in California, I read into the title as though Dory was finding herself. The whole plot of the story is that Dory has started to remember things from her past and if you have a memory better than a fish, you would remember that Dory forgets things very easily. She has started to remember things about her childhood and her family and decides its time to find her parents. Now that she's remembering things about her past she can finally start to learn about who she really is and what sort of life she had before meeting Marlon and Nemo.

If like me you saw the trailer and wondered why Nemo still sounded like a small child even though it's been 13 years and I don't know much about fish but I'm pretty sure they must go through some sort of change into adulthood right? Well I can say this is because it's only been one year between the two stories.

I personally enjoyed this film better than Finding Nemo because Dory was one of the characters that really stood out to me when I was younger. She brought the comedy elements to a film that could of turned out differently if we focused too much on the stress-head dad, and gave us the famous line that every child in the world must know, sing it with me- "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming!" So it was nice to have a film that focused on her and told us more about her backstory. I do enjoy a good backstory film, if there's a character that I become attached to I always feel even more connected to them when I can find out about their past. I also think this film is better than the first because i'm a lot older than I was when Nemo came out so I was able to enjoy the build up a bit more. I'm a big Ellen Degeneres fan and watch her show all the time so seeing her talk about it every day and seeing how all the little kids were reacting to it just made me want to get all excited with them.

The one downside I would say about the film, is that there was still too much Marlon in it. You'd think that since he got his child back and went on that wild adventure he would of calmed down a little bit and let Nemo branch out a little bit more, but if you thought that you'd be wrong! Now not only does he worry about Nemo, he now has a forgetful friend to worry about as well. I think the film would of been a lot better if Dory and Nemo could of just gone off and had the adventure on their own and just sent Marlon the occasionally postcard.

Finding Dory comes to UK cinemas on Friday 29th July. Be sure to go and watch it and leave me a comment with your own mini review!


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