Ellie Ford

Bringing the power of authentic folk music to life, Ellie Ford and her backing band delivered yet another memorable performance at Brighton Fringe.

Ellie Ford

What can I say? This show at Brighton Fringe's bustling The Warren left me awe-inspired. It started with an amazing supporting artist, Michael Baker, who delivered his calm and David Gray-esque vocals to the audience. His songs are loaded with love and melancholy and I personally believe he almost stole the show - to the point where I rushed to buy his two EPs at the end.

But he was only the warm-up. Ms Ellie Ford combined folky intricacy with a bit of an alternative vibe, with jazzy vocals, powerful harmonies, and multi-instumentalism. I was impressed and, let's face it, even rather envious of her skills. It was another wonderful experience at the Fringe.

Wherever you are, I highly suggest this lady and her band to any folk fans for a calm yet thrilling experience. Yes, there really is such a thing.


This was a one-off performance at Brighton Fringe.



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