Aunty Donna

Join the Bubblebath Boys as they hunt down the evil Aunty Donna – who keep cancelling their show. Wait a minute. That's not right?

Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna is a trio of chaps, that hail from Australia, who in their latest show explore comedy in a way that can only be described as the bizarre love-child of Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh. It is a weird show, go into it with an open mind, and prepare to question what comedy means to you. It's sketch comedy, which is refreshing in the unending sea of standup that the Edinburgh Fringe seems to subsist on, and it's unique. I can guarantee that you won't find a show like it, read into that what you will.

There is a plot, but really it's just there as a reason to go between different sketches, it's barely coherent, but it doesn't need to be, in fact I summarised it above! The sketches are all produced to a meticulous standard, with every performer knowing each breath of the other two, and keeping in perfect time with the accompanying music and voiceover. Towards the end of the show, it starts to get about 10 times more manic, and the audience (myself included) were in hysterics, there's audience jumping, water, grinding (I spent a good 2 minutes having the crotch of Mark undulating mere inches from my face), references back to previous sketches, shouting at an audience member in the front row that just so happens to be reviewing it – thanks for that guys – all done in perfect harmony.

I cannot praise this show highly enough, it has exactly enough madness, it's silly and it's a solid hour of fun, don't go into this expecting anything less. If you want to see something witty and intelligent, I wouldn't recommend you see this. If you want to laugh until your belly hurts and your eyes leak happiness then this is the show for you!

Aunty Donna is on in the Gilded Balloon every day of August, except the 17th. Performances start at 22:00 and have a runtime of one hour. Tickets cost £11.00 Monday-Thursday and £12.00 Friday-Sunday, seating is unallocated, so arrive early to get a good spot! For more information on the show, or to buy tickets, please go here.


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