Review: Wicked - Apollo Theatre London

This review is for Part B of my Bronze Arts Award

  • The arts event you experienced.

 Wicked the Musical

  • What evidence do you have that you went?

Photos, tickets and pin badge.

  • What happened at the arts event? What art forms were involved?

 Singing, dancing, special effects and acting

  • Why did you go to this event?


  • What did you like about it, and why?

I loved the songs, especially Defying Gravity where Elphaba was flying on a broomstick, as well as the general plot. I really enjoyed seeing everything fit together with the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  • Was there anything you didn’t like about it and why?

There was one section of the plot about animals losing the ability to speak and being put into cages, this was the doing of the Wizard of Oz, however it doesn’t really go anywhere other than showing just how bad the wizard is and I feel that could have been shown in other ways, It left me feeling confused and with a lot of questions.

  • Would you recommend this event to others? Why, why not?

I would recommend this to others because of the quality of acting and singing as well as an interesting plot. It does have some quite loud and a little scary sections, which I would warn people of.

  • What did you learn from this art event?

Things aren’t always what they seem. Elphaba is portrayed as “the bad guy” because she is different and she stands up for herself when she is in fact incredibly good.

  • How will you share your review with other people?

The Voice

  • What arts event would you like to go and see next?

Cirque du Soleil


Lauren Shearer

Lauren Shearer

I'm Lauren, I'm working towards my Bronze Arts Award and am planning doing silver and gold as well. I like art, drama, trampolining, gymnasts, waterpolo, piano and reading.

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