Magical Honey

A dance drama by Cambridge based company- Sanskruti at Norden Farm Art Centre, Maidenhead.

Magical Honey

On the 31st May I saw a performance at Norden farm by Sanskruti Dance company. The performance started at 11:30 and was 45 minutes long. The performance was a mixture of western and carnatic art styles.

The performers used Bharatanatyam an Indian classical dance style, accompanied by narration and western violin to retell the story of Matilda by Roald Dahl. There were 3 dancers and 1 narrator/ violinist. The performance was very interactive with the audience and called us up on to the stage on multiple occasions. There were also a few very good tricks to set the atmosphere and character of Matilda. There was also a shloka stated midperformance which added to the cultural side of the performance.

the dance moves were chosen carefully to show action and present the story. The violin was very important in the performance as it set the mood and helped convey many different emotions such as relief, tension or suspense. I think the performance was unique and the combination of western and Carnatic artforms made the performance much more thrilling and enjoyable. 

this is the website of Sanskruti Dance Home ⋆ Sanskruti- Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Odissi, Carnatic Vocals Dance Classes 


  • Dalila Letaief

    On 13 June 2023, 21:57 Dalila Letaief commented:

    Must have been an unique performance and experience. I saw Mathilda the new musical movie not long ago. Would love to see this version too.

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