Ewan Samms "When You're Done Grieving" EP review

A heartfelt and touching EP

Ewan Samms "When You're Done Grieving" EP review

When You’re Done Grieving is an EP that sees Ewan Samms wear his heart on their sleeve. Tapping into heartfelt emotion, his tender and soothing sound is a delicate catharsis to the cruelty of the world. Sticking to slow, emotional, lo-fi sonics, it’s reminiscent of the quiet emotionalism of Matt Maltese and Billie Eilish's ethereal tracks; the EP could easily belong to the soundtrack of Call Me by Your Name. This is music for thinking about life, in all its messy complexity and beauty.

When You’re Done Grieving is out now on Lapsang house 

Header Image Credit: Livvy Rosenberg


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