New National Youth Trends Survey

Beatfreeks launches a new survey to gather information from Gen Z and their feelings about the easing lockdown restrictions. 

New National Youth Trends Survey

Beatfreeks has just launched a new National Youth Trends survey, which will be collecting data on how UK Gen Zs feel about the easing of restrictions and the future post-covid. 

Following their report Take the Temperature – which collected information from nearly 2,000 Gen Zs right across the UK – Beatfreeks are looking to speak to 16 - 25s about how they are feeling as covid restrictions begin to lift across the country. 

Fill out this short survey to let them know what you think. The insights will then be shared with businesses, organisations and the government, so that young people’s needs will be taken into account when organisations are designing products and services as we move on from covid. 

Young people have been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, and this is an easy way to start making sure that they get the best from coming out of it.

Header Image Credit: Beat Freeks Youth Trends


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