My Artivism paintings.

Artivism is like activism through art and because i have been doing a class  about artivism it inspired me to do a few paintings;

My Artivism paintings.

We Need Peace To Live41124843d269d690093d89fec2ad70dd8ed86cbd.jpg

This is me standing up for peace and looking to stop wars, there are lots of people behind me bcause we are all sick of fighting and want peace in our world, lives. I have a sighn that says 'we need love to live' and also a banner that says 'we need peace' to show how much we care and that the government should too.


Blind in autumn

This is, also, me sitting in autumn with leaves blowing around me and my hair blowing in the wind. I also have this black rectangle aound my eyes im not sure how to explain it, it was kind of just what inspired me to do.


Rebeling for our rights!

This is me standing in a field of people outside of the white house, shaking my fist. There are covid posters all over the white house, and a covid flag on top. We are rebelling for our rights to go out and not wear a face covering we are rebelling for our rights as humans we are letting the goverment know how we feel how they can not contol us. Ive never seen this much truth come out of a painting.

That is it I hope you liked them all, bye!


Nessa Fanning

Nessa Fanning

Im Nessa and I love doing art, ever since I was young I tried to copy alot of things I see around me into my art. I also like animals and drawing diffrent creature's and beast's. My favorite colour's are black, blue and I recently started to draw with my computer which has really leveled art up for me. Also I have been doing alot of watercolours too and have done alot of pictures of kittens,lions since I have a cat.

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