My artwork/ Paintings!

This is some of my artwork i want to share;

My artwork/ Paintings!


A Cat And A Kitten, A Family

This is a watercolor painting i made of a cat and then i thought why not add a kitten so that is what i did.Then i did some dots by fliking the paintbrush.


Bringing Life Back

This is a painting i did with acrilcs and it is about a dark and dusky day and all the color has been draned but then some colorful rain comes and has already made the trees color come back.It is one of my favorite paintings.


Cute skeches

I do alot of cute little scribles and sckeaches and this is one of them. As you can see it is not finished, and i have done it with pens from Spain.


Life As A Hegehog

This i have done with watercolor, and my mom's white paint pen. As you can see the back ground is a light blue nice watercolor background which i am fond of.

That is all i hoped you liked them!


Nessa Fanning

Nessa Fanning

Im Nessa and I love doing art, ever since I was young I tried to copy alot of things I see around me into my art. I also like animals and drawing diffrent creature's and beast's. My favorite colour's are black, blue and I recently started to draw with my computer which has really leveled art up for me. Also I have been doing alot of watercolours too and have done alot of pictures of kittens,lions since I have a cat.

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