Gold arts award embroidery

I have made two pieces of embroidery for the gold arts award. For this award feedback is required, so any would be appreciated. Thank you

208309d86b7420e0b261d80757a6fc3eb5bd1c47.jpegb15fdd2367454939b463da1efc17e2f65608a83a.jpegI used the usual materials but I used different methods in each. Even within a single piece I used more than one technique for a variety of textures. Some of these methods were harder than others but overall, I think it was a fun experience. From French knots to classic embroidery, I think the mixture of techniques really added to its excitement and hope it looks more pleasing to look at.


aleena ahmed

aleena ahmed

My name is Aleena Ahmed, I am a 16 year old currently participating in the Golds Art Award. I like all forms of art but I chose to do painting as I dont have much experience in it.

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