Get Gold and be a Creative Enterprise

We're approaching the time when many students have left school or university, who may not have yet made plans or found a job. What do they do?

Get Gold and be a Creative Enterprise

I normally blog about topics that help you 'get gold' - be this a Gold Arts Award or making your start on the journey to this. I was lucky to spend last week meeting with a couple of very enterprise minded people and topped off by a weekend with many of our Youth Network Leaders embarking on the coming year. Our new leaders were an inspiring bunch and they were being very enterprising with exciting plans for the year, project and event ideas. But several of them were already bringing their own enterprising experiences - starting collectives of artists, finding people to run exciting projects with, and never forgetting their excellent Arts Award leadership projects. This post is more about what you could do once you've "got gold".

So what about you? What if you wanted to start your own creative summer activities?

Well you could run a one day event - I did this for my Gold leadership project, you could run a summer school - teaching any art form that works for you. You could even take the opportunity to research a business idea.

Creative activity in the summer can take many forms, sometimes you need money, other times you just need a but of confidence to ask people for free things. And many activities can simply be done in your back garden, a field, or a park. You must keep safe at all times and ensure people know where you are, and ideally stick with friends. But now you have the space you just need your ideas and time. What can you create out of the materials lying around you? Or the people that can sing, act or dance.

Was it fun just making something happen for yourself?

Could it be fun to share this experience with others? Maybe this is the seed of an enterprising idea, turning your passion and enjoyment in to something you could live on in the future.

Where should you look now if you're interested? Well has some resources and provides tips for turning your creative abilities in to business. You can also try your local start up loans company agency like Foundation east who run the website. If you're going to work with young people then remember to ensure you have good safeguarding measure - steadfast partnership.

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