One life movie review Gold arts award part C

A review of the movie one life.

One life movie review Gold arts award part C

One Life.

The age ratting of this film is 12A.   

The plot.

I watched the movie on the 6th of January 2024 the Saturday after opening weekend in the UK.

Before I continue warning SPOILERS! The movie is about Sir Nicholas Winton who was a real man and the story is based of his real life!!

Sir Nicholas Winton is protagonist of the film. The movie skips between a young Winton in 1938-39 and 50 years later in 1988 which makes for a very interesting plot device as you do not always know what is going on.

In 1938 Nicholas is leaving to go to Czechoslovakiaand help with people who have spoken against the NAZIS but during his stay he sees how children were living in bombed out building and tents. And him and a team of people managed to get 669 children safely out of Czechoslovakia most of the children were Jewish.

They would get each child a supporter and a foster family till after the war but sadly a lot of the children never saw there family s again. It was a huge effort with a large team in both Britain and Czechoslovakia. They ran multiple train but sadly the last one was sent back and that would of saved a further 200 children!!

After the war we know Winton continues to help with charity's and at some point gets married when we meet him in 1988 he is still helping with charity's he starts to clear out his old possessions and lets go of a lot and he finally finds a journalist who will publish his story and later on he goes on to the BBC TV show That's Life! 

He is there reunited with some of the children he saved and they become know as Nicky's Children some of them are still alive to this day. And the movie concludes with of the girl he saves and his family all together in his home.

Overall I think the movie is a wonderful and important movie and is well done.

The art forms involved were:

Script writing, music, costume design, sewing, filming, special effects, photography, prop making, Makeup and hair, acting and set design.

Context to the event.

It was movie that was being shown worldwide and had been shown at TIFF the
 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

What I did not expect.

I did not expect the switch from 1938 to 1988 and I think it was a very interesting plot device and it was hard to tell what would come next because of the plot device.

What I liked.

I think overall that is a really good film I loved the plot, the costumes, the visual effects, the music and most importantly I think it brings an important story to light about real people.

Also I really like that some of the extras were descents of the children that were saved.

What I did not like.

One thing that I did not like is that while Nicholas Winton was alive he blocked movies being made about his life so I do not know if he would appreciate this movie.

Who I think the intended audience is.

I think the intended audience is everyone bar small children but I think is especially important to ether the children that were saved and their decedents.

What I think the creative impact of this movie is.

I think the creative impact of the event is that the music is stunning and people will listen to it I think this film will be a classic and will continues to have a relevance.

It is also a different take on a WWII film and I think that may effect future films.

The critical rating.

The critical rating on IMDb is 7.6 out of 10 and  on rotten tomatoes it has a audience rating of 95% and a tomatometer score of 90?%


Overall I would recommend this movie to anyone especially anyone who is interested in history or if you are a descendent of one of "Nicky's children".   


Esther Revie

Esther Revie

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