Phoebe Chalmers Artwork

Here is some of my artwork for my Gold art award

Here are some of my artwork pieces I have produced whilst doing my gold arts award. My primary art form is portraits (digital) and my secondary form is landscapes/backgrounds. Along with artwork I have produced along the way I have also uploaded both my final piece and a step by step process. I have credited the photographer whose photo I used as a reference. 

To help me improve my secondary art form I painted with acrylic paints the landscape picture I have uploaded. I really enjoyed this online workshop as I find Bob Ross tutorials fun. I learnt that more contrast makes the image have more depth and using the brush you can add interesting textures. I also learnt to be braver with my use of colour. I would definitely want to follow another Bob Ross Tutorial again.

The artist I chose as inspiration for one of my pieces is Cyarine because I really like her unique art style, I found this challenging as its not the usual style I paint in.

I have really enjoyed doing the arts award so far and I am looking forward to doing my leadership project. I think this has helped me a lot and I have seen improvement in my artwork. 

Another one of my paintings I have uploaded was from a paintable portrait challenge where I followed along for the 5 days of lessons to make my portrait. I learnt a lot about using different digital brushes, adding texture and depth, and making my portrait look more realistic but with a more painted look with deliberate imperfections to make it look more interesting using a textured brush.

Header Image Credit: @xenia.lau

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