Google arts and culture online exhibition review.

Arts event attended as an audience member to learn elements of the second arts form review

Arts event attended as an audience member to learn elements of the second arts form

What did you do: 

I visited the Google arts and culture online exhibition

Where did you do this: 

I did this at home due to lock down

Why did you do this (ie how will it enhance your skills): 

I did this because I wanted to see all the different styles of scenery, and get inspiration from some great well known artists. 

When did you take part and who took part with you:

I did this on 15th april and I did this independently

Did you do research in advance?  I didn’t do any research in advance

I searched for online exhibits and the painting of the little girl really interested me. After entering the exhibit I found beautiful landscapes which were perfect for studying my second form.

Describe your experience: 

I enjoyed this museum the most as there were a lot more detailed paintings and overall it was a really fun experience. It was very inspirational to see such amazingly realistic pieces of work. The exhibition was nicely laid out and easy to navigate. As we are in lockdown and I’m not able to physically attend any museums, being able to navigate easily with lots of different options made it really enjoyable. Here I was able to easily search by artist, mediums, art movements etc. I really loved the fact there were 360 views and museum views of many different museums around the world so I felt like I was getting a fuller experience. 

How did you expand your artistic skills by doing this?. How has this influenced your own arts practice? 

It's really motivated me to improve my skills and inspired me to work hard to be able to create beautiful realistic backgrounds for my characters.

Did you create anything new or use this opportunity to create your final piece of artwork?  

The paintings made me realise that I need more contrast and that I need to push my colours further. It's made me realise I need to practice more so if I improve my skills enough I may eventually be able to achieve artwork to this quality. The 2 paintings below were personally the most inspirational to me. The one on the left is ‘Sunlight on the coast’ by Winslow Homer, the level of detail and realism is staggering! The one on the right is ‘Women going to the woods’ by Alfred Sisley. I really love how calm and simple this piece is, I love the use of colours and light.

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