Gold Arts Award, Unit 1, Dance & Drama Showcase Part 3

Less than 24 hours to go till the show, one dress rehearsal behind me and feelings of apprehension still to come!

Today I will be hosting the biannual Habs Dance & Drama Showcase. This will hopefully be a display of my choreographical skills as well as teamwork, presenter and organisational talents. Yesterday we held our dress rehearsal in order to go through the timing of the show, and the introductions to each performance.
The challenges that face me:
1. Ensuring that those girls singing will sing loud enough
2.Creating a highly engaging and exciting show
       a.This means that the talks prepared between each section will have to be edited and made shorter as during rehearsal some were                    definitely too long in places, and the content irrelevant to the audience
3.Try to encourage all the girls to include more passion in their dance or acting so that the audience may also feel captivated
4.In terms of the HDC and my choreography, check timings in some areas and sort out the spacing of some of the dancers as in the middle section we went off stage, out of the light
5.In terms of costumes, ensure that everybody has the right costume and those that were missing parts were well equipped

With less than 24 hours left until the real performance I am quite nervous of how it will all turn out, but I hope that in any case, the HDC will do mine and Alex’s choreography proud.


  • Bee Snellen

    On 14 February 2019, 18:22 Bee Snellen Voice Team commented:

    Hi Anya! Would you mind adding a short biography and image to your profile? We'd love to know more about you!

    It sounds like a lot of work but you seem to have it all under control! Will you be uploading a video of the performance?

  • Anya Myers

    On 14 February 2019, 21:17 Anya Myers commented:

    Yes I will, as soon as I have figured out how to upload a video!

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