Mortem depicts harsh realities around suicide and grief

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Mortem tells the story of James, a young man in the throes of deep depression. Our story begins as James teeters on the edge, attempting to take his own life. At this point his perception of reality collapses and we join James on an odyssey through his own psyche en route to an emotional epiphany.

This film explores complications around suicide from different perspectives. We feel that suicide is a tragedy for the victim but also their loved ones; feelings of guilt, anger, frustration and despair. We hope that our film we can be another voice to say that it’s okay not to be okay. With an original presentation of these ideas that confront the unhealthy mantra of bottling up and carrying on, to show that reaching out for help is perfectly okay.

Writer and director of Mortem, Ben Higginson, said this during during the launch of the film:

"Three years on from finishing the first draft of the script, I finally get to release this film. This was by far the most challenging film I have ever directed and I feel eternally grateful to have had the people around me that I did to help get Mortem made. Since Covid, Mental Health has become one of the most talked about subjects in our society and I believe it's very important that we keep talking about it. We all go through our struggles at some point in our lives and keeping them in is not the answer.

There is always someone to talk to whether it's a family member, friend, charity, or helpline. Just remember you're not alone."


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