Brighton Fringe Review “The Sex Party” Work in Progress by Frankie Thompson

Nothing you would have ever seen before, absolutely incredible and unique!

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Brighton Fringe Review “The Sex Party” Work in Progress by Frankie Thompson

I found myself going to The Sex Party not knowing what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised,

The venue was based at the Oil Shed in the Warren and looked like it was sold out, there was different age groups there but no children, the lighting was quite dim which set the atmosphere of what was to come,

The show is “part performative essay, part clown show, part animal documentary and part drag manifesto investigating of the scandalous sex lives of politicians past and present”. 

Frankie found a way to combine all of that effortlessly and she kept the audience engaged the whole time, her dad was actually also there at front row as she pointed him out at the beginning, she made every single person present laugh and have a great time which can’t be very easy while staying in character the whole time. I also noticed quite a few people going up to her to congratulate her on the performance at the end as she stated she has not performed for a little while and this is the first time she performed this particular show.

She didn’t speak much as part of the performance but managed to get the message across about expressing how the sexual behaviour of politicians and the sexualisation of politics influence our lives through the different face expressions, the change of outfits and “moves” across the stage. 

To conclude I would highly recommend going to see this if you are someone who doesn’t take yourself too seriously and are open minded, you would have a great time seeing something different and would adore Frankie! You can find her on Instagram as @franklyfrankie98 and a little bit about her on

Header Image Credit: Frankie Thompson


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