Brighton Fringe Review: The Old House by Kate Maravan

Kate Maravan it's a teacher, performer and writer of the Old House, inspired by Kate Maravan's mother. The play it's a storyteller/monologue that talks about memories of the house they lived in and Alzheimers.

Brighton Fringe Review: The Old House by Kate Maravan

 When we think about monologues we imagine stand ups or performers interacting with the audience, but in this play Kate shows us that it's possible to create an entire play alone, she played the mum and also the daughter in a very organized way, the pacient between a daughter who is also a mother that now it's looking after of her mom with Alzheimers and all the movements, every scene, dance and events that happened we can see, feel and understand.

 The way that she talked and performed just proved that it doesn't matter how modern it's your TV, if you don't have a good movie to watch and a beautiful story to hear, it's all useless. 

 Kate took the audience to places and events like the beach, old house and the carnival. We can see the sea and the sand as well only using our imagination led by Kate, this is true theatre.

 I highly recommend you to watch this play online. It's comic, it's sad, it's beautiful, it's something that will make you interested in the story rather than make you travel in la la land or perhaps look at your watch and say: is it finished? How long is this play?

 You only will know what I am talking about when you watch it.


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